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Urology Treatment

We do understand the need for advanced urological treatments in India. At Prani, the Department of Urology handles all kind of diagnostic, surgical and unique medical conditions. We’ve introduced all kind of analysis and advancement in technology that can benefit our patients. This includes the wide network of doctors and physicians. As a part of reconstructive procedures, we’ve just helped one of our patients through robotic surgery. It’s important to regain and restore the exact function of urinary parts especially for women. That’s what we were able to achieve in some of our complex cases. Our patients proudly boast of a nationwide network of urology specialists. In fact being in the hub of national capital region now, we represent the very best urologists in Gurgaon.

We believe in ‘extensive analysis’. In fact, ‘Correct Analysis’ is the real indicator of a patient’s current health. We’ve always offered attention to patient’s individual body type and the present medical history. A well crafted analysis is the very first thing we offer. The whole world is realizing the ‘cost effectiveness’ of medical procedures in India. According to an estimate, it takes not more than one fifth of what you’ll spend in a country like US or UK. Now that’s real savings! We ensure that patients get the best return on their investment with absolutely no drop in quality or service. Please contact us if you are going through a tough medical condition that needs immediate attention. The sooner we talk to you, faster we will draft a detailed health analysis and start thinking about the medical procedures that are needed in your case. We are available 24 X 7.