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Orthopedic Treatment in India

We perform complex orthopedic surgical procedures and re-constructive techniques which include difficult cases for a shoulder, hip, foot and hand. We work with doctors, physicians and surgeons who’ve performed body parts replacement as well. We’ve got services for trauma surgeries, advanced orthopaedic replacements and every other kind of orthopaedic treatment the patients need. In fact, we proudly represent the best orthopaedic doctors in Delhi. Our only aim is to deliver comfort and security for our patients.

We at Prani strongly believe that patient’s medical history is the most important piece of document that even good physicians often miss. Based on someone’s medical history we draft a complete analysis and once the patient is satisfied with the analysis, our next line of action is to use a wide network to offer medical services which are within patient’s budget. We’ve got industry wide reach & professional relations with almost every top-rated & best orthopaedic hospital in India. We are continuously increasing our footprints by signing up with the very best hospitals in the country.

We’d like to push the envelope and introduce the latest cutting edge technologies from around the world. We believe in empowering the doctors and eventually the patients to get the best possible medical care within India. Our medical teams are known to work with the state-of-the-art equipment and the latest know-how about the industry. The cost of orthopaedic surgery in India is definitely less than countries like US, UK or others. This makes India the most suited place for important orthopaedic procedures. If you are going through a tough medical condition, we request you to get in touch with one of our specialists so that we can help you with a customized solution.