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Neuro Surgeon

Neurosurgery is a complex discipline that deals with brain tumours, spinal injuries, head or nerve injury, and other complex procedures. Not only is it a difficult time for the patient, it’s absolutely difficult for the family members as the risk involved in the surgical procedures is really high. Friends, family and well wishers seek an experience hand which can provide the highest level of professional expertise, along with a team of doctors and physicians which can make rehabilitation of the patient a smooth process. There is no dearth of good hospitals in and around Delhi NCR but the section part is difficult. We at Prani understand ‘our patients’ and therefore offer the top team including the best neurosurgeons in Delhi.

We offer the best facility for expert treatment, analysis and care. We also offer the best technology, equipment and techniques for our neurosurgery patients. With help of our great teams we’ve successfully carried out complex surgical procedures. Our specialised teams are well-known to deliver techniques and procedures related to spinal cord. We believe in offering a well drafted analysis and once the patient is satisfied with analysis, we use our wide network to offer best medical services which are cost effective, and within patient’s budget. We proudly represent every top-rated and the very best neurosurgeon in India.

We at Prani have successfully helped people all over the world through our team of top rated specialists and state of art equipment. We believe in teamwork and that’s what our teams of physicians and doctors reflect. The cost of a neurosurgery is definitely less than other developed nations with absolutely no drop in quality and service. This is what makes India, the ideal place for carrying out these procedures. If you’re going through a difficult time and have a complex neurosurgery disorder that needs medical attention, please get in touch with our specialist for more information.