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Liver Transplantation

Our team has extensive experience of solving numerous cases and carrying out complex liver transplants in premier hospitals of India. Prani is known to follow the industry best procedure with a customized and efficient liver donor safety protocol. We are known to solve complex cases of liver transplantation and surgery for patients in India and abroad. We know the pain and suffering of the patients and their respective family members as they always wish for a responsible treatment from the very best liver transplant hospital in India. That’s what we deliver at Prani; the very best.

The Department of liver transplant at Prani strives to offer our patients with expert treatment, analysis and a complete healing program. Depending upon patient’s current state of health, we’ve got the expertise to offer customized attention to every patient. We also use our wide network to offer best transplant procedures and programs which are within patient’s budget. We proudly represent almost every liver specialist in Delhi. Infact, we are making our presence felt all across Delhi NCR and signed up with the best hospitals for liver transplant in Gurgaon as well.

Prani is committed to a scientific, data-oriented & a patient-friendly approach. Our unique and helpful perspective really helps us to ease out things for patients and their families. Our primary focus is patient’s healing and comfort and we want them to continue their life journey with a perfectly working liver.

Getting your treatment done in India is not only cost effective; it is a highly qualitative procedure. With no drop in quality you get personalized attention and better overall results. Call us for a medical opinion. We are available 24X7.