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Kidney Transplantation

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure performed to replace a diseased /ineffective kidney with another healthy kidney. The new kidney may come from family member, individuals or a deceased organ donor. The only condition is need for it to be a match to patient’s kidney. In case of a living transplant, the donor individual can live a happy and healthy life. Although there are numerous places to get the kidney transplant in Delhi NCR, patients are always looking for the very best kidney transplant hospital in Delhi. That’s what we deliver; comfort and security to our patients.

We at Prani always offer our patients with expert treatment, analysis and care. Our team of specialised doctors believe in carrying out a complete well drafted analysis of patient’s current state of health. We’ve got the expertise to give complete attention to every patient’s medical history. Once the patient is satisfied with analysis, we use our wide network to offer best medical services which are cost effective, and within the patient’s budget. We proudly represent almost every kidney transplant hospital in Delhi. Infact, we are making our presence felt across India by signing up with all primary hospitals performing kidney transplant in India.

At Prani, we offer top-rated kidney transplant procedures where you get healed by the best specialists, state-of-the-art equipment and great medical teams which ensure that you get continued support both before and after the transplant. The cost of kidney transplant is definitely less than other developed countries (with no drop in quality and service). This makes India, the ideal place for carrying out the important medical surgeries and procedures. Please get in touch with our specialists for more information.