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Cardiac Surgery

Cardiology is the field of medicine pertaining to treatment of diseases affecting the organs inside the chest (primarily the heart and lungs). It’s a complex discipline which requires complete dedication and expertise. Patients going through severe issues (and surgery) often struggle to find a suitable physician. They often wish for a well-directed treatment from the very best cardiac surgeon in India. That’s what we deliver at Prani.

The Department of cardiac sciences at Prani strives to offer our patients with expert treatment, analysis and care. Our team of specialised doctors believe in carrying out a complete analysis of patient’s current state of health. We’ve got the expertise to give complete attention to every patient’s medical history. Once the patient is satisfied with analysis, we use our wide network to offer best medical services which are cost effective, and within the patient’s budget. We proudly represent some of the best cardiac surgeons in Delhi. Infact, we are making our presence felt across India and signed up with all prominent cardiac hospitals in Delhi and around.

At Prani, we dedicate our efforts, time and practices for our patients who suffer from heart diseases and focus only on the healing process. We want them to continue their life journey with a perfectly fit heart.

India is definitely unparalleled when it comes to cost effective treatments of heart diseases. There are significant cost differences when we compare India with US, UK and others. According to an estimate, cost of a complete cardiac procedure in India is almost one fifth as compared to other developed countries. We assure high return on investment and quality service. Please give us a call in case you are going through a medical problem or want to know about details of medical expenses and procedures.