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Cancer Treatment

The Department of oncology at Prani is a well-known centre of well coordinated and well targeted procedures that are completely focused on case to case basis and each patient’s medical history. We believe it is extremely crucial that any kind of cancer is first detected, and later should be treated with a detailed medical plan. Prani helps its patients at each and every stage. Our philosophy has always been to constantly strive towards correct oncology procedures through combination of technology and amazing physicians at our hands. We’ve dealt with some complex cases and received amazing feedback for the ‘unique treatment’ that we offer to our patients. In fact, in a short period of time we are known as one of the premier places for cancer treatment in Delhi.

We only deal in responsible treatment through a detailed medical analysis at initial stage. We’ve always believed in the power of analysis. Depending upon the patient’s current state of health, we do offer unique techniques and measures. Prani believes in data oriented, scientific, targeted and absolutely patient friendly approach. We care about patients comfort and the life journey after the treatment. Our medical teams are hand-picked through a wide network of physicians available to us.

All of us know that medical procedures, treatment and surgeries cost way less in India as compared to anywhere else (like US, UK) in the world. The only concern that you might have is the perceived drop in quality parameters. Believe us, that’s completely wrong. The primary reason for India’s rise in the medical world is because of adherence to stringent quality and services benchmarks. If you have a medical condition that needs a logical opinion, please get in touch with us right now. We are available 24 X 7.