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Bone Marrow Transplant

Prani is a unique place which consists of medical teams, technicians and specialist physicians that are fully trained and equipped to handle every complex issue related to a transplant using bone marrow. Whether it’s Thalassemia, Anaemia, Leukemia, Lymphomas, or advanced tumors, Prani has successfully carried out numerous complex procedures for our patients. Patients going through tough time seek an experience hand which can offer comfort of a great counsel which makes rehabilitation process a little easier. There are number of places for carrying out surgical procedures to carry out Bone marrow transplant in NCR region. We believe that our case history makes us the best place for bone marrow transplant in Delhi.

We at Prani believe in ‘analysis’ of every medical situation. We believe that every patient is unique and so is there disease. We believe in customized solutions depending on body type. Our teams of specialized doctors believe in carrying out a complete well drafted analysis of patient’s current state of health. We’ve got the expertise to give complete attention to every patient’s medical history. The next stage includes detailed discussions about the procedures that we are going to start. We assist our patients at every stage. We proudly represent almost every quality hospital offering bone marrow transplant in India. In fact, we are fast becoming a well known face for patients and doctors all over India and abroad.

India is definitely unparalleled when it comes to cost effective treatments and surgeries. The whole world realizes the ROI offered by Indian hospitals. You wouldn’t believe the numbers once you compare it with countries like US, Europe or Middle East. We at Prani, assure high return on investment and quality service. Please give us a call in case you are going through a medical problem or want to know about the detailed analysis of any surgical procedure.